Our Love to Move Programme is an age and dementia friendly seated gymnastics programme which is transforming the lives of people living with dementia.

You can now try the programme in the comfort of your own home.

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Train to deliver Love to Move

If you are passionate about making a difference and would like to train to deliver Love to Move, find out more about our courses by clicking the button below and help us reach and benefit more people.

Download our Love to Move booklet

If someone close to you is living with dementia, you will naturally want to do everything you can to help them to enjoy life as much as possible.

Our exercise booklet is available to help you try our Love to Move programme in your own home with your loved ones, containing some of the key exercises from the programme inside, as well as more information about why our programme is working.

“They’ve helped me to get moving. They’ve helped me get home again.”

The Love to Move Programme has helped Jean regain her independence.

Jean wanted the chance to tell us about her story. She explained that she used to be a resident in the care home as she had lost some mobility and a lot of independence. She said it was our programme that made all the difference and helped her to get her independence back again and help her to get home again.

With your generous support, you can help more people to benefit from the Love to Move programme! Just £55 can support a group of people living with dementia to enjoy a love to Move session.

What makes our programme so effective?

Love to Move is specially designed to get older people moving and functioning better. The programme achieves this by carefully integrating the use of gymnastic foundation skills, cognitive stimulation therapy and social interaction activities. Almost every part of Love to Move is based on bilaterally asymmetrical movement patterns. This is understood to benefit older people and those with dementia and mild cognitive impairment, by enabling the left side and right side of the brain to process information independently; thus improving cognitive function, coordination and the ability to carry out activities of daily living more independently.
Above all, the programme is fun! One of our participants has said that it brings her;
“One hour of wonderfulness each week!”

“The Programme has a demonstrable benefit in the physical, emotional and cognitive aspects of older people and those older people having mild to advanced forms of dementia appear to benefit the most.”

Research conducted by Age UK, June 2016

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