Gillian’s Story

Gillian took part in our Love to Move for Dementia challenge last July

Love to Move for Dementia is our challenge to walk 10,000 steps every day in July to raise money for the British Gymnastics Foundation. By taking on the challenge, Gillian helped more people to access our lifechanging Love to Move classes – helping people to improve their memory and cognition.

Here is what Gillian had to say about taking on the challenge:

“I took on the challenge as my father had dementia and had recently passed away. His mobility went downhill rapidly during the covid lockdowns and not getting out to his various groups. Love to Move would have been a great activity for him and I feel all dementia sufferers should have a movement class to help keep them active for as long as possible as once mobility goes it’s very difficult.

The challenge was relatively easy to do and fun and I roped in various family members to keep me company on my walks. Sometimes it was hard to get in the steps because of work but always managed.

I got a bit fitter, and I got to enjoy the outdoors a little more instead of curling in front of the TV after work. Give it a go, it’s not difficult to do and Love to Move is a brilliant project to support.

Anyone who has an elderly relative whether with dementia or not will recognise the need to keep them moving and to join in with others in a social environment like Love to Move.”

If you’d like to take on the Love to Move for Dementia challenge this year, visit our Love to Move for Dementia page here or get in touch with us at [email protected]