Celebrating Tamsin Hudson

Winner of the Carer Category, BBC Radio Berkshire Make a Difference Awards.

“If you do what you love, then it’s not a job.” Tamsin Hudson.

Tamsin Hudson currently has two part-time jobs as a Dementia Specialist within the care industry and a Dementia Cafes Coordinator with Age Concern. Added to this, Tamsin also volunteers supporting other dementia initiatives in her local area.

Tamsin is this year’s winner of The BBC Radio Berkshire Make a Difference Awards in the Carer Category. We chatted to Tamsin about her work and specifically Love to Move, as she uses Love to Move regularly in her Dementia Café.

How did you hear about Love to Move?

I heard about it with my Age Concern hat on – Kate at Get Berkshire Active talked to us about Love to Move and encouraged us to take it up.
The people who come (to Love to Move) probably spend a lot of time sitting in armchairs at home, often on their own because carers are so busy. They give it a go and that’s the point. The more often you do it – you create a path in your braincells.

Love to Move is great for carers too. They often have a life of grind – sorting out all the appointments for their loved one. It can be really lonely. So, they enjoy joining in too. One lady’s husband told me ‘I really struggled with this the first time, but I think I’m getting better!’

What would you say to someone considering training to deliver Love to Move?

When I’m doing the Dementia Café, I always have to think about what activity we can do next. We have to fundraise for everything, and while we do take part in activities we need to pay for, sometimes it’s just me. I have to think about how I can equip myself, and often at the last minute. I can do Love to Move at any time, in most spaces and I don’t need anything special.

I love doing it! And it also gets everyone enthused. It helps to integrate people with and without dementia – it ticks every box. Anyone can do it and they love it!

What would you say to someone thinking about attending Love to Move?

I tend to say, just come along and give it a go, I promise you you’ll have fun! This is all seated – you can step in and out as you need to, and honestly, it’s going to be the most fun you’ve had in quite a while.

Once I get going, I’m grinning the whole time. It’s lovely to see people trying so hard, lovely to see volunteers joining in as well – it’s just great for everybody. At the end they always say “that was really fun, thank you very much.”

We’re incredibly proud of Tamsin for bringing Love to Move to the attention of so many and making such a difference to people and their carers.

Train to deliver Love to Move

You can train online and we even have an evening course available coming up soon so that you can fit the course in easily with work!

Alternatively, if you have any questions about Love to Move, please email us [email protected]