Introducing Louise Fawcett, our new Trustee

Louise Fawcett is the Head of Sports Science and Medicine for British Gymnastics, working within the English Institute of Sport. We are delighted to welcome Louise as our newest charity trustee.

We caught up with Louise to find out a little bit more about her, and how she’s hoping to make an impact through the Foundation.

Louise, can you tell us a little about your background and your involvement in gymnastics?
“As a chartered physiotherapist with over 26 years’ experience, with 19 years of working in elite sport, I have been very fortunate to attend five Olympic games as a team physiotherapist. As a gymnastics fan I was extremely honoured to assist the GBR gymnastics team at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games through my role at the BOA in the Team GB HQ medical team.

“Then in 2009, I took up my current appointment as Head of Sports Science and Sports Medicine for British Gymnastics, working within the English Institute of Sport.”

What is the greatest gymnastics moment you have experienced in your time working in the sport?
“There are so many. Every time I see a gymnast come back from adversity I feel it is a great moment when they step back up onto a podium and perform a clean routine.”

For you personally, why did you choose to be a trustee for the British Gymnastics Foundation?
“I am very passionate about supporting gymnastics at every level. My career has been focussed on supporting the development of elite gymnasts from a science and medicine perspective, but I can see how gymnastics can benefit so many people in different facets of life on multiple levels.”

What are you hoping to bring to the role?
“I am hoping to bring experience from a medicine and science background, but I also have knowledge and insight into strategy, governance, financial affairs and research and innovation.”

Is there a specific area of work that the Foundation do that you have an interest in?
“As a physiotherapist I absolutely love the “Love to Move” programme. I am fascinated by the fact that each exercise has been specifically developed to have an impact on the function and co-ordination of the participants. Using gymnastics foundation skills and then adding in the cognitive stimulation with the fun social interaction is a great way to engage in exercise to enhance the mind and body in many ways.”

Finally, how pleased are you to be involved in a charity making a difference through gymnastics?
“I am extremely pleased and proud to be part of the British Gymnastics Foundation charity. I am at the beginning of a fulfilling journey with inspirational people all around me.”