Hardship Grants Programme – Reneyah’s story

Reneyah is one of many Hardship Grant beneficiaries who is thriving in gymnastics after being given the opportunity to start trampolining by her school.

Created to help families on low incomes, Reneyah’s school set up a programme that gives children the opportunity to try a new sport to stay active and learn new skills.

It took Reneyah some time to feel comfortable on the programme but her mum, Roxanne, believes it has helped her to overcome some of her anxiety.

“She absolutely loved being part of the trampolining programme – it has given her so much confidence,” Roxanne began to explain.

“Prior to going to gymnastics, she suffered a lot with anxiety and was really withdrawn. I didn’t even think I’d be able to get her to go to the trampolining lessons in the first place.

“I spoke to the school about my daughter’s anxiety and the coach worked with her in different ways. As the weeks went by you could just see the smile come across her face.”

A few months ago, the impact of Covid-19 meant the family’s finances had to be prioritised, however, Roxanne soon discovered the Hardship Grants Programme and was thrilled to see that she was able to keep Reneyah on the programme.

“The support the grant has given us has been amazing. I don’t think she would have been able to continue doing the trampolining without it. I really think this could be something she carries on with now for life. She’s like a whole new person once she gets on a trampoline.”

Dave Marshall, Participation Director at British Gymnastics, who also sits on the Foundation Board of Trustees, added: “It’s wonderful to hear the benefits that gymnastics has had on Reneyah – the sport provides a wonderful foundation for the development of young people. It is imperative that no child is left behind in gymnastics because of their financial situation and we will do all we can to support those in need to continue in the sport they love.”

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