Couple helped by Love to Move

A couple from Huntingdon are experiencing the benefits of the Love to Move programme after attending local community sessions.

Derek and Margaret have been using the Love to Move programme for the past year.

Derek had suffered from a stroke and Margaret developed dementia. Their son and daughter have been taking them to and from the sessions which is open to a large group from the community.

Derek has recovered well from the stroke and now cares for Margaret. He has formed great friendships with other participants from the class and has found the experience very rewarding as he has been able to open up to other carers in the group and share experiences with them. The classes have also helped increase Derek’s confidence as he was previously someone who found it hard to join in, but now, he is fully engaged in the class.

Margaret is also growing in confidence and week after week, she is gaining more enjoyment from the classes. She feels empowered from the experience and she particularly enjoy singing in the sessions and talking about memories.

Margaret says; “I do it for myself and my body and I like the people.”

Both their son and daughter feel their parents have benefitted massively from the Love to Move classes as they are more engaged and interested in life around them.

As a result of their participation, Derek and Margaret have formed close bonds with other members of the group. This positive engagement is one of the big benefits from the programme as it helps to reduce loneliness.

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