Love to Move at Coombe House

Love to Move is improving the quality of life for those living with Dementia at Coombe House 

Coombe House in Liskeard, Cornwall is a family-run residential home, that specialises in caring for people with Dementia, where residents are warmly welcomed as part of the family.  

Ann, the Founder of Coombe House told us: “It’s our speciality, it’s what we do best. We believe that people with dementia deserve the best quality of life.”

One of the residential home’s proudest achievements to date is introducing Love to Move, our chair-based exercise programme, specially designed to get older people moving and functioning better. Love to Move uses music from eras that benefit and connect with individuals at the home. As a result, they are more likely to join in when it’s music they remember from the past.  

Penny, who runs the sessions told us: “We run the Love to Move sessions every Wednesday and it’s really given us all the opportunity to get together. I think it’s lifted the spirits of people within the home, and the staff as well. It’s not work-based, it’s just all about having fun and being relaxed together.” 

Ann added: “Since Penny began the sessions, we’ve noticed a real improvement in their wellbeing. Their mobility and safety have increased, and people are walking around much better.” 

Thanks to Love to Move, people at Coombe House have been given a new lease of life with each session. Penny commented: “One lady, Joyce, never really wanted to come out of her room previously. She’d keep herself to herself, she was very quiet and didn’t want to socialise. Slowly over time, being encouraged to come to sessions, she’s found that she enjoys Love to Move – she’s found comfort in it.” 

We were able to chat personally with Joyce’s daughter Rowena who told us: “It’s always been a concern to carers at Coombe House that my mother spends lots of time on her own. Having activities like Love to Move, with the music she enjoys, is a reason for her to come and join in with the others. I believe it’s added to her quality of life hugely.” 

Summarising their journey with Love to Move so far, Ann added: “Everyone here has got something from it. There are many different types of dementia, but it is possible to bring everyone together in one room and deliver something that everyone benefits from.” 

Coombe House Residential Home is a shining example of how compassion and connection can make a world of difference in caregiving.

Alternatively, if you have any questions about Love to Move, please email us [email protected]